Per Taxi Rates Enforced Under Schedule "A" of By-Law 2018-56 to Amend By-Law 2016-145 of the City of Greater Sudbury

Distance Charges:

  • for the first 100 metres $4
  • for each additional 95 metres $0.25  ($2.63 per kilometre)

Waiting Time at the Request of Passengers:

  • for each hour $40.75
  • for each part of an hour $0.67

Cleaning Fee charged to Passengers who vomit or otherwise soil the interior of the vehicle.

  • $50

Fare includes H.S.T.

The fees charged by a Taxi Driver apply to taxi trips which:
  • are wholly within the City of Greater Sudbury
  • begin within the City but end outside the City of Greater Sudbury.

Passengers and Drivers are permitted to agree to a fixed fee for trips which are further than 35 kilometres one way. The fixed fee must be established before the start of the trip. The taximeter must be in operation for the entire trip. Upon arrival at the destination, the Passenger must pay whichever is lower: the fixed fee or the rate shown on the taximeter.