2021 Budget

The budget guides how the City will serve you over the next year. Property taxes pay for municipal services and the buildings, roads and systems that support the work we do. We work hard to provide the services you expect while keeping taxes manageable. 

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City Council Approves 2021 Municipal Budget

Following deliberations by the Finance and Administration Committee, City Council has approved the 2021 Municipal Budget with significant investments in roads and drainage, water and wastewater, transitional housing, Pioneer Manor, information technology solutions, building renewal and fleet upgrades.

Council approved a budget with a 4.0 per cent tax increase. For a typical home assessed at $230,000, this means approximately $10 more a month than 2020 property taxes.

The 2021 Operating Budget is $641 million and includes costs to perform routine operations, deliver Council’s approved service levels for the operation of the City’s 58 lines of business, and strategies to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 48 per cent of the operating budget is funded by property taxes.

The $144.1 million capital budget ensures the best investment choices are made by ranking projects based on standard criteria and moving forward with the highest priorities, with 72 per cent spending on roads and water and wastewater infrastructure. The remaining 28 per cent will fund projects in other areas, including leisure services, environmental services, fleet and facilities, paramedic services and police.

The 4.8 per cent water/wastewater user rate increase is in line with the long-term financial plan for the service. Municipal water and wastewater services are fully funded by end users, as mandated by the province, with no impact on property taxes.

Learn more and find highlights of investments in our News Release issued on April 6, 2021. 

2021 Budget Summary (PDF, 104 KB)

2021 Approved Capital Budget Summary (PDF, 101 KB)

2021 Approved Business Case Summary (PDF,107 KB)

2021 Proposed Budget

The proposed 2021 Budget describes the anticipated service outcomes and related financing plans required by the municipality and its service partners. It reflects the direction provided by Council’s Strategic Plan and emphasizes results that demonstrate its vision for Greater Sudbury: To be a centre of excellence and opportunity – a vibrant community of communities living together.

2021 Proposed Budget Document (PDF 20,014 KB) *revised January 27, 2021

Click here for the 2021 Budget Line Accounts (PDF, 923 KB)

Download the presentation (PDF, 1,849 KB) made to City Council by Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer, on January 19, 2021, or watch the presentation below (starting at the 0:11:35 mark).

2021 Budget Q&A

Each week, staff answers questions asked by City Council during budget deliberations. The Q&As are available below, in written form.

Budget Q&A - March 4, 2021

Budget Q&A - February 26, 2021

Budget Q&A - February 19, 2021

Budget Q&A - March 29, 2021

2021 Budget Direction

The City of Greater Sudbury is preparing the municipal budget for City Council’s review and approval early in 2021. The goal is to prepare a plan that delivers public services which meets the community’s highest priority needs, at a cost that includes no more than a 3.9% property tax increase over 2020. 

The City of Greater Sudbury is in 58 lines of service, and each service is important to some segment of the community. Nonetheless, adjustments will be required to balance the budget and keep total costs within the 3.9% guideline Council established. Depending on your perspective, these adjustments have significant implications, as they require a reduction of at least $14.6 million from current budgeted levels.  Just for comparison, this amount would be the equivalent cost of all the services and programs provided by Parks and Leisure.

There are several ways to make these types of reductions. Service levels could be reduced to lower the total cost. User fees could be increased to offset the reduced subsidy provided by taxpayers. Changes to how the service is delivered, for example, making it available online only, could be considered. Of course, some combination of these approaches will likely be required.

View the presentation by Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer on August 11, 2020 or watch the presentation below.

CAO 2021 Budget Presentation (PDF, 537 KB)

COVID-19 and the 2021 Municipal Budget

The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected our plans and projects for the year. Staff regularly presents to Council and Committee outlining the financial implications associated with the City's COVID-19 response. These reports describe the effects of COVID-19 on our organization, the efforts we're taking to mitigate those effects and how we plan to achieve the outcomes described in Council’s 2019-2027 Strategic Plan.

2021 Budget Schedule



2020 Budget Update

September 15, 2020

Budget Direction

November 3, 2020

Public Engagement Opportunities

November and December 2020 and January 2021

Table Budget Document

  • 2021 Operating and Capital Budget Overview Presentation by the CAO and CFO
  • Presentation from Outside Boards including:
    • Greater Sudbury Police Service
    • Conservation Sudbury
    • Public Health Sudbury & Districts
    • Greater Sudbury Public Library Board

January and February 2021

Budget Meetings

  • Review and Approve Operating and Capital Budgets and Water/wastewater Rates

Meetings scheduled throughout February, March and April 2021

City Council Approval of 2021 Operating and Capital Budget

April 2021

Approval of 2020 Property Tax Policy May 2021

2021 Budget Engagement

Thank you to everyone who attended and shared questions at the virtual budget information session held on February 10. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and learn more about the upcoming 2021 municipal budget.

Public engagement opportunities were available on Over to You for more than seven weeks, between November 27, 2020 and January 15, 2021.

Below are the results of those engagement opportunities

2021 Budget Public Input - Engagement Overview

Appendix A - Summary and Detailed Project Report Over to You Greater Sudbury and À toi la parole Grand Sudbury

Appendix B - Submissions Via Survey and Email

If you missed the information session on February 10, please find the video below.