Commemorative Trees - Sudbury Regional Tree Fund

Having a commemorative tree planted in memory of a loved one or as an expression of thanks allows you to proudly take ownership of Greater Sudbury's improving, natural environment.

Commemorative trees are planted in the Tom Davies Commemorative Forest, located within the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, a scenic natural area located only ten minutes from downtown Sudbury. The Conservation Area is owned and operated by the Nickel District Conservation Authority and encompasses 950 hectares (2,400 acres) of protected green space within the City of Greater Sudbury.

This tranquil wilderness setting combines natural and man-made features including: a man-made lake and pond, scenic lookouts, a self-guided nature trail, numerous wetland areas, hiking trails, bird watching areas, as well as snow shoe and cross-country ski trails in winter.

Map of Tom Davies Commemorative Forest

Sudbury Regional Tree Fund contributes to planting approximately 1,000 native trees each year in this forest, including white pine, red pine, jack pine, white cedar and tamarack. Seedlings are planted each year in the spring by the City's Regreening Program. Although the seedlings are not individually marked, each donation helps to enhance the industrially damaged ecosystem in Greater Sudbury.


With every donation to the Sudbury Community Foundation's Sudbury Regional Tree Fund, a tree is planted in the Tom Davies Commemorative Forest. Your individual charitable and tax deductible donation will be pooled with other such donations and invested - with the interest income distributed as a grant back to the City of Greater Sudbury's Regreening Program. The capital is never touched, and continues to grow with each new donation, generating income to meet local needs for years to come. The Sudbury Regional Tree Fund is for the preservation, protection, restoration and improvement of watersheds, forests and ecosystems within the City of Greater Sudbury.

Your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued from the Sudbury Community Foundation.

For more information on how you can give “A Gift That Grows”, please call 705-674-4455, ext. 4605.