Water Emergencies

Boil Water Advisories

In the event of a boil water advisory you can get water from one of our Water Filling Stations.  Media reports will be broadcasted and information will be made available on our News and Public Notices web page and through Public Health Sudbury & Districts to ensure that you know when water from these locations is safe to use.

If a boil water advisory has been issued

Do not use unboiled tap water for:

  • drinking or making infant formula/juices/ice,
  • cooking or washing fruits and vegetables,
  • brushing teeth.

Bring water to a rapid rolling boil and boil it for one minute on a back burner to avoid scalds.

Bathing and washing

  • Showering with untreated water is possible as long as none is ingested.
  • Consider a sponge-bath for individuals who are likely to swallow water (children).

Hand washing

  • If the boil water advisory has been issued because of an outbreak of human illness, water can be used for hand washing after being boiled.
  • You can also use alcohol-based hand disinfectants, containing more than 60% alcohol. Wet wipes should not be used as disinfectants.

Washing dishes

  • If the dishwasher has a hot setting, it may safely disinfect dishes.

Water filtration devices

  • Filtration devices do not make the water safe for drinking or cooking. Filtered water should also be brought to a rolling boil for one minute before drinking or using it for cooking.

What to do when the boil water advisory is lifted

  • Run cold water faucets for one minute before using the water.
  • Run drinking fountains for one minute before using the water.
  • Flush all garden hoses by running cold water through them for one minute.

Drain and refill hot water heaters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations