Market Working Group


To provide advice and recommendations to Council and staff through the Community Services Committee on matters related to the operation and management of the City of Greater Sudbury’s public market, in accordance with article 48 of By-law 2011-235, the City’s Council Procedure By-law.

Primary Objectives

The Working Group is established for the purpose of providing advice, recommendations, information and expertise to the City on specific municipal matters. The Greater Sudbury New Downtown Market Working Group will address the following objectives:

  • assist with market operations including programming, scheduling, promotions and maintenance;
  • assist with the development of an annual budget for Market operations for consideration in the annual municipal budget process;
  • investigate best practices and ongoing improvements for the Market program that ensures a consistent high level of service;
  • assist with the development of a vendor recruitment strategy;
  • assist with the development of an annual marketing and communications plan;
  • monitor and evaluate initiatives related to the public market program using established performance measurement criteria;
  • report as necessary to the Community Services Committee and provide an annual report to City Council;
  • develop a critical path and business plan for the organization's evolution to a self-governing, market corporation; and
  • have regard for the Vision and Goals previously adopted by Council and articulated in the Evolving the Market: Market Square Renewal Advisory Panel Report to City of Greater Sudbury Council (May 29, 2012),(PDF 5.80 MB) and as outlined below.

Vision for the New Market

The vision for the public market is to be the best market in Northern Ontario. It will strive to be a unique, strong and sustainable focal point in Greater Sudbury. It will connect groups, including local farmers, producers and artisans who provide fresh, locally grown and made food and handmade goods, with customers, providing them with a memorable experience.

Goals for the New Market

A Great Facility: To provide a well planned facility that is centrally located and highly visible, is visually appealing, provides a great customer and vendor experience, can accommodate additional programming and has room to grow.

A Fresh and Local Focus: To support local farmers, producers, artisans and customers, by providing access to produce, food and products that are grown, raised or made as close to Greater Sudbury as possible.

A Showcase for Local Arts and Entertainment: To provide a gathering place where people can experience the richness of Greater Sudbury’s arts and entertainment through enjoyable and relevant events, displays and concerts, encouraging partnerships.

A Place that Celebrates Our Heritage: To create a place that celebrates our cultural heritage - the places, people and stories that define Greater Sudbury’s character and uniqueness.


The Working Group shall consist of a maximum of eleven persons, including:

  • one member of Council;
  • two former or current Market vendors, who are vendors in good standing with the City;
  • one member of the Downtown Sudbury Board of Management or an authorized representative of the Board;
  • a maximum of two authorized representatives of Eat Local Sudbury;
  • one authorized representative of the Sudbury & District Health Unit;

Subject to section 7, a maximum of five persons appointed by Council, who are qualified as follows:

  • to be elected as members of Council; and
  • whom demonstrate one or more of the following competencies:event planning, marketing, retail operations,agricultural, and financial management.

Notwithstanding the maximum of five persons provided in section 6, where Council chooses not to appoint a member of Council to the Working Group, an additional person may be selected by Council in accordance with the qualifications provided in section 6.


  • Councillor Fern Cormier
  • Peggy Baillie
  • Jan Browning
  • Heather Dahlstrom
  • Lina Godard
  • Laura Grover
  • Jeffery Huska
  • Evan Jolicoeur
  • Jeanine Middleton
  • Christina Thibeault

Time Commitment

The Working Group shall hold a minimum of nine meetings throughout the calendar year, meeting no less frequently than once monthly during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October.


To coincide with the term of Council to November 30, 2018.