Aerial Photo App

Historical aerial photos of the City of Greater Sudbury from the years 1946-1999

Colour Ortho-Photography

View Colour Ortho-Photography of the entire City of Greater Sudbury.

Demographic Data

See City of Greater Sudbury data about population, housing, languages and more

Development Tracking in the City of Greater Sudbury

Learn more about Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional development throughout the City of Greater Sudbury.

EarthCare Sudbury Food Access Map

Food access locations and community gardens within the City of Greater Sudbury based on responses from local organizations.

Land and Buildings Inventory

A comprehensive overview of the City of Greater Sudbury's land and buildings inventory.

Lasalle Corridor Historical Story Map

The Community and Strategic Planning section has created a photographic representation of the LaSalle Boulevard Corridor to help support ongoing City and community projects such as the LaSalle Corridor project.

MapIT Greater Sudbury

Access the City's interactive GIS applications and data. View and analyze this information in new and exciting ways!

Open Data Portal

Access the City's open data, which includes many GIS datasets. Open data is freely shared, used and built on without restrictions or cost.

Planning Act Applications Dashboard

Planning Services Division, City of Greater Sudbury

Rainbow Routes

 Find trail maps for the Greater Sudbury region.

Recreation App

A comprehensive overview of the City of Greater Sudbury's recreation locations and facilities.

Regreening App

See areas that have been limed or planted with shrubs and trees since the Regreening Program began in 1978.

Report-a-Bear Map

View bear activity in your neighbourhood. To report a bear sighting please use this link:

Road and Traffic Restrictions (RATR)

See areas where road work is being undertaken by the City, contractors, utility companies, rail companies, private companies, and more. 

Sudbury Cemeteries

View the City's Cemeteries. Find details about rights holders, interred persons or see which plots are available.

Survey Control App

Use this Survey Control App to find information on the control monuments throughout the City of Greater Sudbury.

The Flour Mill historical photo tour

This Story Map is a collection of historical photos of the Flour Mill neighbourhood.

Tornado of 1970: 50 YEARS LATER

A Story Map showing images of the damage caused by the tornado that struck Sudbury on August 20, 1970.

Ward Maps

Find maps of the City of Greater Sudbury's 12 wards.

A lake surrounded by forest.

Watershed Maps

See watershed maps that correspond with our Community Flood Management Plan.

Zoning By-Laws and Maps

Find Zone Maps for all 8 distinct Zoning By-laws with the exception of the Zone Maps for By-laws 2001-24Z & 2001-25Z.