The Downtown Sudbury Master Plan

Downtowns are important, historic and symbolic. They are the heart of a community, the reflection of a city’s image, pride and prosperity. They are the meeting place for the entire city, where people come together to celebrate and share experiences. A healthy, active, successful downtown makes a positive statement about the prosperity of a city, sending an encouraging message to future residents, businesses and investors. The reverse is also true, which is why a strong, implementable vision for Downtown Sudbury is critical to the future of our community.

While Downtown Sudbury has a number of strengths, there is great potential for improvement. The Downtown Sudbury Master Plan presents a series of recommendations to reinforce the Downtown’s role as the biggest, brightest and best downtown in northern Ontario. It outlines strategies for improving the downtown’s level of economic, cultural and retail activity, its sense of place and its role as the urban centre for the region. Indeed, The Downtown Sudbury Master Plan suggests ways in which the City of Greater Sudbury can position itself as the “Capital of the North.”

Downtown Master Plan - Executive Summary (pdf, 27 Mb)

Downtown Master Plan - Part 1 (pdf, 30 Mb)

Downtown Master Plan - Part 2 (pdf, 47Mb)

Downtown Master Plan - Part 3 (pdf, 17 Mb)

Project Status Updates

Project Name

Project #



Tom Davies Square Redesign 


Redesign of the courtyard area to create an attractive and multifunctional public space, with an environmentally-friendly design.

In progress

Brady Green Stairs (info coming soon)


This will create a new green space on Durham Street and facilitate the opportunity for events and people to flow between Durham and Elgin Streets, and Memorial Park.

In progress

Elgin Street Greenway


A new linear park and multi-use pathway is proposed at the edge of the south-western side of Downtown Sudbury to create an expansive shared-use trail connecting the downtown to Ramsey Lake, the hospital, Laurentian University and beyond.

In progress

Downtown Community Improvement Plan 13

The Downtown CIP will outline concrete actions and initiatives to ensure the future of our downtown is bright.

Some of the highlights of the proposed Downtown CIP include:

  • A revised Tax Increment Equivalent Grant framework
  • Residential Development Incentives
  • A Façade Improvement Grant
  • A Feasibility Grant Program
  • A Planning and Building Permit Fee Rebate Program
In progress