City of Greater Sudbury Heritage Register

Designated Heritage Sites

Church of the Epiphany

85 Larch Street, Sudbury

Flour Mill Silos

Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury

  • Legal Description: Being Part of Lot 4, RCP 85-S, City of Sudbury, Designated as Parts 2 and 3, Plan 53R-6181
  • By-Law: City of Sudbury 89-147 (pdf, 0.9 MB)

Bell Mansion/Sudbury Art Gallery

468 Ramsey Road, Sudbury

  • Legal Description: All of Lots 63 to 67 inclusive, Part of Lots 68 and 69 Part of Nelson Street, Registered Plan 4-S and All of Lots 158 and 159, Part of Lot 160 Registered Plan 25-S and Part of David Street being Part of Lot 5, Concession 3, Township of McKim, City of Sudbury
  • By-law: City of Sudbury 83-204Sudbury 93-27 amended by 2000-122 (pdfs, 0.6, 0.2 and 0.3 MB)

Canadian Pacific Rail Station

233 Elgin Street, Sudbury

Ste. Anne's Rectory

14 Beech Street, Sudbury

Belanger Homestead

725 Notre Dame Avenue, Azilda

Northern Ontario  Railway Museum and Heritage Centre

26 Bloor Street, Capreol

  • Legal Description: Parcel 32447, SES being Lot 10, Concession 6, designated as Part 2 on Plan SR-1116, former Town of Capreol, City of Greater Sudbury
  • By-law: City of Greater Sudbury 2002-126 (pdf, 0.3 MB)

Anderson Farm Museum

550 Regional Rd. 24, Lively

Listed Sites

Copper Cliff Fire Hall

7 Serpentine Street

David Street Water Treatment Plant

355 David Street, Sudbury

Pine Street Elevated Water Tank

332 Pine Street, Sudbury