Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of repairs at the Anderson Farm Museum?

Repairs to the Anderson Farm Museum’s heritage structures began during the pandemic. During these repairs, historical artifacts were discovered buried on site. This discovery means work cannot continue until an archaeological assessment of the site is completed, as is required by the Ontario Heritage Act. An archaeological firm has undertaken research about the site and is in the process of engaging with local First Nations communities about the site and the assessment. Once engagement is complete, the firm will begin an archaeological assessment of the site to determine whether more excavation is required before repairs can resume.

Are the annual events held at the Anderson Farm Museum being cancelled for 2023?

Rock the Farm, run by the Anderson Farm Museum Heritage Society in July and August, is to be decided.

The Fall Fair, run by the Anderson Farm Museum Heritage Society on the first Saturday in September, is to be decided.

The Christmas Tree-Lighting, run by the Anderson Farm Museum Heritage Society in early December, is to be decided.

Do you have live animals at the Anderson Farm Museum?

While our partner organizations sometimes bring farm animals to special events at the Anderson Farm Museum, there are no farm animals living permanently at the museum site.

Can I book a group tour at any of the Greater Sudbury Museums?

Group tours are not currently being offered at any of the Greater Sudbury Museums. Please check back soon for updated information about the availability of group tours and outreach education opportunities for local schools!

Is it possible to book the Anderson Farm Museum for a wedding/birthday party/baby shower/etc.?

The Anderson Farm Museum grounds and stable are available to our not-for-profit community partners for some large events. Not-for-profit community partners should contact Museum staff to discuss site availability for large events in 2023.

Is there a cost for taking photographs on the Anderson Farm Museum grounds? Are there any particular rules to follow?

There is no cost for taking photographs on the grounds of the Anderson Farm Museum. However, there are some rules that need to be followed.

  • Please do not climb on any part of any historical buildings, equipment, or other structures on site.
  • Please do not sit or lean on the porch railing of the Creighton Log Cabin. The building is over 100 years old and was moved to the Museum from the ghost town of Creighton Mine, so there’s no replacement for it, and we would like to preserve it for as long as possible.
  • Please tag us when posting to social media @Greater Sudbury Museums and @Anderson Farm Museum, Lively on Facebook, and @greatersudburymuseums on Instagram. Feel free to use #GreaterSudburyMuseums or #AndersonFarmMuseum as well.
  • The site is covered by the Parks By-Law, so the rules set out in that by-law must be followed as well, which include: no smoking or alcohol is permitted on site, no vehicles are allowed on site except for on the main paths, no ATVs or snow machines allowed, please clean up after your pets, and the grounds are open from 6 a.m. to11p.m. If you’re not sure whether or not something is allowed, please contact 311 or review the Parks By-law.

I have an object or photograph that I am considering donating it to the Museums, how would I go about donating it?

The donation process has many steps. To start, please send us one or more digital photographs of the object(s) you would like to donate (the more, the better), and tell us about:

  • How did you come to have this object?
  • Did the object belong to a member of your family?
  • Was it made or used in the Greater Sudbury area?
  • Do you have any memories associated with this object?
  • If it’s hard to tell from the photo, roughly how large is this object?

You may contact us about donations at or by phone at 705-674-4455 ext. 3966. Thank you for your interest in supporting our museums!

I am looking for information or photographs pertaining to an ancestor or a particular historical topic, etc. 

For research requests, please submit your question through:

We will work with our partners on the reference team of the Greater Sudbury Public Library to answer your questions where possible.

I am interested in working for the Greater Sudbury Museums, how can I apply?

We do not keep unsolicited resumes on file. As part of the City of Greater Sudbury, all job opportunities at the Greater Sudbury Museums are posted online at To learn about summer student employment opportunities, visit Student Employment.

I would like to volunteer for the Greater Sudbury Museums.

There are currently no new volunteer opportunities available at the Greater Sudbury Museums. Please check back in fall of 2023.