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Greater Sudbury

Solid Waste Initiatives

Long term residential waste diversion initiatives to be reviewed:


  1. Reduction of the residential garbage bag limit.
  2. Collecting residential curbside garbage every second week as opposed to every week. There would be no change to the weekly collection of recycling and organics.
  3. User pay systems for garbage collection.

For any questions, please send an email to .

Recycling Shingles for Road Construction

In the Fall of 2008, the City's Infrastructure Department undertook a pilot project with Pioneer Construction.

The pilot project included the incorporation of asphalt shingles, from the landfill stockpiles into a base lift of expanded asphalt stabilization.  Four inches of expanded asphalt was placed using existing road materials, shingles and foamed PG 58-28 asphalt cement.  In total, three test areas were completed including sections with no shingles, 50% shingles and 60% shingles by volume.  Approximately 425 m2 of shingles were used in this project.

Upon completion of the expanded asphalt process the road surface was graded and compacted to specified profile.  The entire area was then covered with a 1” hot mix asphalt overlay of HL-3C polymer totalling 728.63 tonnes.

Recent inspections show the road surface to be performing as expected.  Test sections have been identified so that ongoing evaluation can determine the viability of asphalt shingle use in this type of mix. 


Existing road bed (scarified and graded).

Pothole patches on existing chip and prime asphalt near entrance.

Pulverization to 6” depth with Cat RM-250C.


Placement of landfill shingles.


Shingles leveled and rolled to roughly uniform depth.

Pulverization of shingle trial section.

Pulverized base graded and rolled to achieve proper profile.


Application of expanded asphalt stabilization to 4” depth.


Expanded asphalt binder;  pulverized, PG 58-28 and water added.


Grading expanded asphalt base to proper profile.


Expanded asphalt binder; graded to proper profile and crossfall then packed. Base curing in preparation for asphalt overlay.


Placing HL-3C overlay with PG58-34 polymer.


Paving 1” overlay over expanded asphalt base.


Asphalt overlay completed to proper crossfall.

March 25, 2009 Inspection.


Industrial, Commercial and Institutional 3Rs Waste Diversion Strategy

The City of Greater Sudbury is undertaking an Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) 3Rs Waste Diversion Strategy in order to improve its waste diversion (recycling) rate.  The focus will  be to determine what programs should be developed for the local IC&I sector.  The following information is intended to provide a comparison of municipal solid waste services offered to the industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) sector and those offered to the residential sector.  It also presents some ideas for potential enhancements to IC&I services. 

Please click here to download an information sheet (47kb pdf).

Information/Input Sessions

The first round of stakeholder's information and input sessions were held in May 2009.

Click here to review the Spring 2009 Survey/Input received from stakeholders (152 kb pdf).

The second stakeholder input session was held on Tuesday, October 27, 2009.  

Stay tuned for the results of the Fall 2009 Survey/Input received from stakeholders.