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Greater Sudbury Airport
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Greater Sudbury Airport
Your journey begins with us. Avoid the hassles of the highway and travel worry-free with the Greater Sudbury Airport. Check here for arrivals, departures, traveller information and more!
Your Local Library
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Your Local Library
Greater Sudbury Public Library is proud to offer a wide range of bilingual services and collections which meet the information and leisure needs of all ages.
Heritage Museums
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Heritage Museums
Discover our rich past. Explore four local museums through digital imaging, audio and video. The site also features the INCO Triangle Digital Archives.
Invest Sudbury
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Invest Sudbury
The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation is the engine for local economic development. Explore initiatives to attract, develop and retain business in our city.
Sudbury Tourism
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Sudbury Tourism
Greater Sudbury is a place for adventure. Choose from world-renowned attractions, urban comforts and outdoor getaways. Packages are available.
Regional Business Centre
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Regional Business Centre
Let us help you find what you need to succeed. Our not-for-profit organization provides information and resources to fund, launch and grow your business, free of charge.

Greater Sudbury

Tree Species Information

Percentage of Tree Species Planted

94.7% Coniferous
4.5 % Hardwood
0.8 % Shrubs

Types of Trees

Those species with an * are non-native.

Shrubs and Understory Trees


Balsam Fir [Abies balsamea]
Larch (European*, Japanese*) [Larix (decidua*, kaempferi*)]
Tamarack [Larix laricina]
Spruce (White, Black, Norway*) [Picea (glauca, mariana, abies*)]
Pines (Jack, Red, White) [Pinus (banksiana, resinosa, strobus)]
Eastern White Cedar [Thuja occidentalis]
Eastern Hemlock [Tsuga canadensis]


Maples (Red, Sugar, Silver) [Acer (rubrum, saccharum, saccharinum)]
Yellow Birch [Betula alleghaniensis]
Bitternut Hickory [Carya cordiformis]
Russian Olive* [Eleagnus angustifolia*]
American Beech [Fagus grandifolia]
Ash (Red, White, Black) [Fraxinus (pensylvanica, americana, nigra]
Oak (Red, White, Bur) [Quercus (rubra, alba, macrocarpa)]
Black Locust* [Robinia pseudoacacia*]

Shrubs and Understory Trees

Maples (Mountain, Striped) [Acer (spicatum, pensylvanicum)]
Green Alder [Alnus viridis ssp. crispa]
Alternate-leaved Dogwood [Cornus alternifolia]
Canada Plum [Prunus nigra]
Pin Cherry [Prunus pensylvanica]
Common Elderberry [Sambucus canadensis]
Red-twigged Servicberry [Amelanchier sanguinea]
Seviceberry (Amel. sp.) [Amelanchier sp.]
Bearberry [Arctostaphylos uva-ursi]
Black Chokeberry [Aronia melanocarpa]
Siberian Pea Shrub* [Caragana arborescens*]
Buttonbush [Cephalanthus occidentalis]
Dogwood (Red Osier, Round-leaved) [Cornus (sericea, rugosa)]
Dwarf Bush-honeysuckle [Diervilla lonicera]
Wintergreen [Gaultheria procumbens]
Winterberry [Ilex verticillata]
Sweet Gale [Myrica gale]
Ninebark [Physocarpus opulifolius]
Mugho Pine* [Pinus mugo*]
Choke Cherry [Prunus virginiana]
Staghorn Sumac [Rhus typhina]
Wild Rose (Smooth, Prickly) [Rosa (blanda, acicularis ssp. sayi)]
Swamp Rose [Rosa palustris]
Red Elderberry [Sambucus pubens]
Buffaloberry [Shepherdia canadensis]
Narrow-leaved Meadowsweet [Spiraea alba]
Large-leaved Meadowsweet [Spiraea latifolia]
Steeplebush [Spiraea tomentosa]
Wild Raisin [Viburnum cassinoides]
Hobblebush [Viburnum lantanoides]
Nannyberry [Viburnum lentago]
Highbush Cranberry [Viburnum trilobum]