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Greater Sudbury

EarthCare Sudbury Partner Profile

Sudbury Naturalists Club

The Organization

Sudbury NaturalistsThe Sudbury Naturalists are a community group that has been learning about, enjoying, and working to protect nature for more than twenty-five years. 

The Projects

Members of the Sudbury Naturalists help the environment through hands-on involvement in numerous protection activities and community initiatives to enhance the well-being of Greater Sudbury's environment.

  • The Naturalists are involved in conducting the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey in the Greater Sudbury area. Over the past 26 years, several dozen lakes in Greater Sudbury have been monitored to track breeding success and chick survival as part of the loon survey.
  • The Naturalists also got involved with the peregrine falcon release that took place in Sudbury in the early 1990s. After the release, the Naturalists began monitoring the peregrine falcons that remained in Greater Sudbury and their monitoring efforts have continued as the local falcon population grows. 
  • Some members participate in the Marsh Monitoring Program organized by Bird Studies Canada to help track marsh-dwelling frog and bird populations. In November 2007, the Naturalists held a workshop on marsh monitoring to train more volunteers for this program.     
  • In December, the Sudbury Naturalists participate in annual Christmas Bird Counts held in the area. Information gathered during the events is submitted to Bird Studies Canada.
  • The Naturalists support the efforts of the Vegetation Enhancement Technical Assistance Committee (VETAC) and have planted approximately 10,000 trees around Sudbury's southeast bypass and the Lake Laurentian Conservation area.  
  • In 2006, the Naturalists participated in a shoreline cleanup of Lily Creek that stretched from Paris St. to Bouchard St. in Sudbury. 
  • In 1991 the Naturalists adopted the Chiniguchi River to conduct annual clean- up of campsites and portages. A dozen privy boxes were installed on heavily used campsites. Interest in the area includes studies of the Old Growth Red Pine forest centered at Wolf Lake. Efforts have continued to protect the Wolf Lake Old Growth Red Pine Area. This provincially important ecosystem is located in the north-east corner within the City of Greater Sudbury.
  • The organization is represented on the Friends of McFarlane Lake Stewardship Committee, the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources Local Citizens' Committees and a handful of other environmental community organizations in Greater Sudbury.
  • Monthly meetings usually feature free lectures delivered by experts on various topics relating to flora and fauna from around the world, and are open to the public. The organization also hosts field trips for members to explore varied natural landscapes from Manitoulin to West Nipissing, Killarney to Chiniguchi.

Key Partners

  • Ontario Nature (Federation of Ontario Naturalists)

Implementation of the EarthCare Sudbury Local Action Plan (LAP)

  • Water Resources
    The surveying and monitoring efforts of the Sudbury Naturalists help increase our understanding of local water resources and their inhabitants.  Also, the Sudbury Naturalists continue to support and participate in Stewardship Committee efforts to rehabilitate and protect local water resources.  
  • Landscape Recovery
    The Sudbury Naturalists not only participate in tree-planting initiatives, they also keep tabs on the wildlife that depends on this vegetation for survival.   


Key Contact:  Marlies Schoenefeld, President
Address:  945 Leedale Ave., Sudbury, ON
Phone:  705-522-3085