The City of Greater Sudbury has launched a two-year project to upgrade and replace water meters in every home and business as part of a mandatory program to modernize the technology of municipal water delivery.A water meter measures the amount of municipal water entering a property. Older technology requires a manual reading of each meter in the city. New technology will connect meters to outdoor transmitters that will send readings wirelessly and directly to Greater Sudbury Utilities.

The new water meters will be installed based on area beginning in August, 2020. You will receive an addressed notice in the mail advising of the start of installations in your area.

Once you receive a notice, you must schedule an appointment with KTI Utility Services, the company contracted by the City of Greater Sudbury, to have your water meter replaced or upgraded.

In this time of COVID-19, KTI Utility Services and the City of Greater Sudbury will follow enhanced health and safety protocols to protect residents, technicians and staff while work is performed in your home.

The installation typically requires 30 to 90 minutes to complete and there will be no charge to property owners. If you have questions about your meter installation, please call 311 for customer service.

Please see FAQs and Book Your Appointment for more information.