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What you’ll need before you book

If installers are currently in your neighbourhood, you will have received a booklet similar to this. On that booklet is your access code. Please have that code ready before you call or login to set up an appointment. To check if installers are in your area, please check out online map here. If you’re still not sure, please call 1-833-543-8807 and we’ll let you know which area of the city is currently being serviced. If at any time you'd like to speak with someone from the City of Greater Sudbury, call 311.

What you can expect:

Prior to Your Installation Appointment:

  • Please ensure your water meter is accessible with a clearance of at least 16 inches wide by 16 inches (41cm) high.

  • Your water shut-off valve must be operational and clear of obstructions.
  • Ensure an adult of at least 18 years of age is home for the entire appointment.
  • Advise if your water meter or water shut-off valve is located in a crawlspace.

During Your Installation Appointment:

  • A water meter technician from KTI will arrive at your property and knock on your door. Please note, an installer will never come to your door without already having confirmed an appointment. 

Example of an ID badge with photo of worker in hard hat and safety vest, with text "Your water is going wireless" at the top, and below photo: John Smith, Water meter installer, #00091567, KTI Limited, 311 At your Service, Greater Sudbury 

  • Your water will need to be turned off during the replacement process. The water meter is typically located in your basement, directly after your shut off valve.

  • A typical meter replacement takes between 30 and 90 minutes.
  • The technician will install the new meter and attach a transmitter to the outside of your home, which may involve running a wire to connect the transmitter to the meter.

After Installation:

  • Minimize estimated meter reads.
  • There will be fewer occasions when we need to visit your property.
  • Customers will be be able to identify leaks at their premises, allowing for faster response to avoid high bills.  
  • You will enjoy the same great tasting, clean, refreshing water.