City of Greater Sudbury Preventative Plumbing Subsidy

Greater Sudbury Council has approved a request for decision to extend eligibility for municipal plumbing subsidies to all residential property owners in the city who qualify under the terms and conditions of a preventative plumbing program. Applications for subsidized installations of sump pit drainage systems and/or backwater valves will be accepted beginning immediately.

Click here to download a Preventative Plumbing Subsidy application form. (PDF 52.3 KB)

Local residential property owners are eligible for approximately 50 per cent of the cost to purchase and professionally install a Mainline backwater valve and/or sump pit drainage system, up to a maximum of $1,000 for a backwater valve, $1,250 for a sump pit drainage system or $2,250 for both.

The City of Greater Sudbury’s preventative plumbing program was introduced following an intense rainstorm in 2009 that resulted in widespread flooding. Eligibility for subsidy was previously limited to properties located within identified flood prone areas, under a three year pilot program.

By extending the program to all local residential property owners, the City of Greater Sudbury hopes to encourage disconnection of rain gutter downspouts, weeping tiles and sump pit drainage systems from municipal sanitary sewers. While direct connections were once an acceptable practice in older buildings, the municipal wastewater treatment system serves more customers today than in the past. Additional water flow from rainwater can exceed the design capacity of sewer pipes and treatment systems, increasing the risk of flooded basements and overflow into the environment.

Subsidies will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until available funding has been exhausted.

For more information:

Telephone: 705-674-4455, ext. 3600

Information about the Preventative Plumbing Subsidy is also available in PDF format. (PDF 1.27 MB)