Career in Water and Wastewater

Licensing and Certification

Water and Wastewater Operators play an important role in protecting public health and the environment. To work as a Water or Wastewater Operator in the Province of Ontario you must hold the appropriate licensing and certification. For more information on how to become certified Operator please refer to .  This website also provides information on exam dates and fees. There are usually several opportunities to write the exam in Sudbury each year.

About Water and Wastewater Services at the City of Greater Sudbury

There are three primary operating divisions within Water and Wastewater Services, all requiring different licensing and certification for their Operators, according to the functions that are performed in that operating area. The City of Greater Sudbury has one of the largest geographic areas within the Province of Ontario covering 3627 square kilometers.

  1. Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection (between the Plants and the customers)
    This group deals primarily with maintaining and operating gravity and pressure piping systems for 940 km of potable water and the 770 km sanitary sewer systems within the City of Greater Sudbury. All work is done in an outdoor setting year-round involving substantial interaction with the public. Some examples of work activities include quality control, construction, inspection, heavy equipment operation, and emergency response.
    Mandatory licensing/certification for this section: Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection
  1.  Water Treatment
    This group operates and maintains one Conventional Surface Water Treatment Plant, one Membrane Surface Plant, 24 wells, 12 booster Pumping Stations , 7 Storage Tanks, 1  Reservoir and related equipment used in the treatment and conveyance of water. The facilities under this group range from a Level I to level IV  Certification designation and operates on a 24 hour/7 day/365 day schedule.
    Mandatory certification for this section: Water Treatment and Water Distribution
  1. Wastewater Treatment
    This group operates 9 Wastewater Treatment Plants, 5 Lagoons, and 69 Lift Stations.
    Mandatory licensing for this section: Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection

Are You Interested in a Career in Water? 

More helpful information about the industry is available by following this link, including post-secondary institutions offering programs to prepare operators, in-demand careers, and a tool to match your personal interest to career options:

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