Second Avenue

The City of Greater Sudbury is making improvements to Second Avenue. Construction will include:

  • The widening and reconstruction of Second Avenue from Donna Drive to First Avenue, which will also include a bike path and sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • Water main improvements and reconstruction of the roadway on Margaret Street.

In January 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) gave permission to the City to proceed with the Second Ave Infrastructure Improvements projects with three conditions:

  1. Consider additional mitigation and best management practices to reduce the potential road salt impacts to the vulnerable area as identified in the Greater Sudbury Source Protection Plan.
  2. Create a Risk Management Plan for the projects road salt application prior to operation
  3. Develop a Traffic Safety Plan for the project prior to operation and consult with interested persons, including requestors on the Traffic Safety Plan before finalization.

See our Documents, Reports and Updates section for the finalized Traffic Safety Plan and recent updates.