Capital Budgets 2011-2015

Roads Capital Funding and State of the Roads
During the summer of 2012, a Road 10 Year Financial Plan  (pdf 454 kb) was presented to Council and is attached. This information is being provided as it outlines the state of the City's road network.  As stated within the report, approximately 45% of the City's road network requires immediate work. At the current funding levels, the average road maintenance cycle is approximately 83 years. The 2012 funding gap for roads was approximately $700 million and continues to grow. Beyond the challenge of the local weather and soil conditions, the City is comprised of roads that were constructed to different standards by unorganized townships, different lower tier municipalities, and old company towns. It will take many years and a significant investment to bring all roads to the same standard.

Capital Budget 2011-2015 (pdf 345 kb)