Snow Bank Removal and Disposal

Snow Bank Removal and Disposal

Following a major snowfall, snow removal operations concentrate on maintaining unobstructed sight lines at all major intersections. Downtown business areas and Greater Sudbury Transit bus shelters are also top priority.

  • Once these areas are clear, crews move into residential neighbourhoods to clear intersections with an obstructed view and roadways which have narrowed to one lane.
  • Snow removal is not based on the height of snowbanks. If a snowbank is not obstructing traffic, it will not be removed.

Snow Removal and Private Driveways

  • The City of Greater Sudbury is not responsible for snow removal at the end of private driveways

Snow Removal Around Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants on Private Property (Private Hydrants)

  • The property owner is responsible to keep the hydrant clear.

City Owned Fire Hydrants

  • The City of Greater Sudbury is responsible for snow removal around over 5,000 City owned fire hydrants.
  • Two contractor crews are working from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. clearing snow from hydrants on primary roadways. 
  • Three City crews are working up to 13 hour days removing snow around hydrants.
  • To address calls of buried hydrants we are sending out hand crews to expose the immediate area around the hydrant until the crews with equipment are in the area. For efficiency we keep our crews with equipment working in one area at a time.
  • It is against City of Greater Sudbury by-law 2010-214 to obstruct a fire hydrant by placing any material, including snow, on or near the hydrant.

What can you do?

  • Try to keep snow removal from building up around the hydrants.
  • Assist City crews by clearing snow around hydrants on or near your property.

Snow Disposal Site

The City of Greater Sudbury operates and maintains a snow disposal site for snow removal business operators with an access card. It is located on the south side of the Lasalle Extension. This site is open seven days a week, 24-hours a day. 

  • Vehicles must be equipped with an access card to activate the automatic entry gate. 
  •  Access cards are available for purchase or top up at all Citizen Service Centres and Tom Davies Square.

For more information, please contact 311.

Snow Disposal Fees

Type of Vehicle Fee
Single-axle trucks $9.50 per visit
Tandem trucks $18.00 per visit
Tri-axle trucks $21.00 per visit
Semi-trailer combinations $40.00 per visit
Replacement Access Card $44.00

Dumping snow on private property

Commercial operators may stockpile snow if their property is located in a heavy industrial zone. If your property is not in a location zoned as heavy industrial, you are not permitted to truck snow from other sites for disposal on your property.

Plowing snow onto the opposite side of the street

  • Under Municipal By-law 2011-219, you may not push snow onto banks or properties on the opposite side of the road.
  • Accumulated snow from private plowing can interfere with sightlines and results in buildup of icy sections on the road.
  • Throwing snow directly onto public sidewalks and roads is strictly prohibited.

Citizens found in contravention of the by-law may face fines of $260.