Longyear Drive

Longyear Drive (MR89) at Edison Road
Roadway Realignment and Intersection Improvements

The City of Greater Sudbury will be completing road improvements on Longyear Drive (MR89) 
at Edison Road in Falconbridge. Construction by the City’s contractor, Interpaving Limited, 
will be carried out between April and November, 2022.

*Completion date is dependent on property acquisition*

Project Highlights:

  • Realign the intersection of Longyear Drive (MR89) and Edison Road, by introducing a roundabout, eliminating the left-hand turn,
  • Close a section of Longyear Drive (MR89) eliminating the ‘S-Curve’,
  • Landscape the closed section of Longyear Drive (MR89) and introduce a dedicated wildlife habitat for birds and other species.

Project Overview Presentation
Presentation Transcript 
Roundabouts How to Brochure
Construction Notice

Project Manager:                        
Miranda Edwards                
705-923-1350 (cell)