Hyland Drive

Hyland Drive and Wellington Heights
Sudbury Road Reconstruction
Watermain and Sewer Improvements

The City of Greater Sudbury will continue the road and water/wastewater improvements 
on Hyland Drive from Regent Street to Winchester Avenue and Wellington Heights from 
Hyland Drive to the cul-de-sac in Sudbury.

Construction by the City’s Contractor, Garson Pipe Contractors Ltd. will start 
April 2022 and will be phased over the 2022 and 2023 construction seasons.

Construction Details:

  • Addition of bike lanes on Hyland Drive from Regent Street to Connaught Avenue.
  • Reconstruction of roadway with installation of new asphalt, concrete curbs at both locations.
  • Installation of sidewalk on both sides of Hyland Drive from Regent Street to Killarney Avenue.
  • Installation of sidewalk on the North side of Hyland Drive from Killarney Avenue.
  • Removal of sidewalk on South side of Wellington Heights installation of sidewalk and asphalt
    boulevard on the North side Wellington Heights.
  • Installation of new watermain including water services from the watermain to the property line
    at both locations.
  • Installation of new sanitary sewer including sanitary sewer services from the sanitary sewer
    main to the property line on Hyland Drive.
  • Replacement of some storm sewer.

Season Startup Construction Notice

Project Manager:
Miranda Edwards
705-674-4455, extension 4246