Maley Drive Progress Reports

The costs for the Maley Drive Extension Project are shared three ways: Federally, Provincially and Municipally. Over the course of the project, we submit quarterly claims for the federal and provincial portions of funding for audit and approval. These claims include invoice details such as supplier, contract and amount paid.

In addition to quarterly claims, we also send progress reports twice per year. The progress reports include:

  • Overall progress, including details on all design and construction work completed to date.
  • Anticipated changes to the project, if any.
  • Major milestone and contract specific completion dates.
  • List of awarded contracts, start and anticipated completion dates.
  • Details on what is anticipated for the next project progress report.
  • Project risks, if any.
  • Planned communications events.
  • Project cashflow forecasted by fiscal year.

Please see our recent Claims and Progress Reports submitted to our federal and provincial partners:

Maley Provincial Claim December, 2018 (pdf, 3,040 KB)
Federal Progress Report May, 2019 (pdf, 326 KB)
Provincial Progress Report October, 2019 (pdf, 710 KB)