We’re renovating to better serve you!

The Greater Sudbury Downtown Transit Terminal is undergoing renovations to create a more welcoming environment for passengers.

How will passengers be affected outside the Downtown Transit Terminal?

Major work to repave and install new curbs on exterior bus platforms is complete. Buses have resumed regular service and will pull up to assigned stops.

Paving operations continue at the Downtown Transit Terminal. Passengers are reminded to use pedestrian walkways.

How will passengers be affected inside the Downtown Transit Terminal?

Interior work will close only a small portion of the Downtown Transit Terminal at a time and will not greatly interfere with public access.

Upgrades to public washrooms will close washroom facilities as of Wednesday, September 20 for a period of approximately six weeks. During that time, sharps containers which are normally found in the washrooms will be relocated to the construction fencing inside the terminal.

How can I get directions or assistance at the Downtown Transit Terminal?

Greater Sudbury Transit has scheduled bus operators and supervisors to provide assistance.

Look for employees wearing grey and green uniforms marked with a Transit logo.

Passengers are asked to immediately report any safety concerns or incidents by speaking with an employee or by dialing 705-675-3333.

What is being renovated?

The Downtown Transit Terminal will be renovated inside and out.

Click for larger image of exterior renovation.

Exterior work includes:

  • Removal of a steel structure and canopy facing Elm Street, as well as retaining walls and planters.
  • New asphalt and curbs.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Repaired and painted bus shelters, benches and handrails.
  • New bicycle racks.
  • Masonry repairs on building columns.

Click for larger image of interior renovation.

Interior work includes:

  • Repaired and painted walls and ceilings.
  • New ceramic floor tiles.
  • New lighting.
  • New public washroom fixtures.
  • Replacement boiler and HVAC systems.

Contracted services are awarded to 3rd Line Studio Architecture and Capital Construction. Work started Monday, July 31 with an anticipated completion of November 28, 2017.

Renovations will be phased so that all areas of the Transit Terminal are not under construction at the same time. Greater Sudbury Transit will deliver uninterrupted service throughout.

Customer and employee safety is the number one priority during renovations. Construction sites will be fully contained behind safety fences and dust barriers. Construction vehicles will be directed by the prime contractor at all times.

The renovation of the Greater Sudbury Downtown Transit Terminal is made possible by the Canada-Ontario Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The Government of Canada is cost-matching a 2017 municipal capital investment of $500,000 for a total $1 million.