Regreening Classroom Presentation

Regreening Classroom Presentation

Attention teachers in the City of Greater Sudbury!

The science and history of Greater Sudbury’s world renowned Regreening Program is now available in video format.

These videos (separated into 4 parts) were organized by VETAC, City Council’s Advisory Panel on the Regreening Program, and are suitable for students grades 4 through 12. Addressed throughout these videos are topics key to both the Regreening Program and the Ontario Curriculum, including Biodiversity, Environmental Stewardship, and the Interconnectedness of Systems. 

Infamous for our "moonscape" the City of Greater Sudbury was once one of the single greatest point sources of sulfur and ‘acid rain’ on the globe. Now Greater Sudbury is a leading global example of how scientists and the broader community can work together to restore damaged landscapes.

Watch all videos or view by chapter:

Chapter 1: The ‘Moonscape”
Chapter 2: The Roots of Regreening
Chapter 3: Biodiversity and Modern Regreening
Chapter 4: Working Together for a Greener Future

More educational materials can be found on our Biodiversity page.