VETAC – Regreening Advisory Panel


Established in 1973, VETAC's Mandate is to work towards the recovery of self-sustaining, indigenous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Greater Sudbury through the City's Regreening Program. VETAC also provides the community with opportunities to participate in this initiative by improving the environment at home, in neighbourhoods, and on public lands.

Primary Objectives

  • To develop and implement plans that facilitate the ecological recovery of Greater Sudbury's industrially damaged landscape;
  • To provide advice, information and expertise to the City's regreening operations that include grassing, tree and shrub planting and other techniques to increase biodiversity and create self-sustaining ecosystems;
  • To increase community involvement in the ecosystem recovery initiative by informing, educating and providing the public with various opportunities for participation;
  • To encourage and foster ecologically sound practices in all forms of human activity within the City of Greater Sudbury; and
  • To foster the continuing participation of the scientific community in the ecosystem recovery efforts.


  • Volunteer technical experts from government, academia, industry and the community,
  • Members are not appointed by Council but are selected by the Panel on the basis of their interest and qualifications,
  • The current Membership will be reinstated annually, unless:
    • The Member wishes to resign by indication to the Chair; or
    • By virtue of continuous and consecutive absences at meetings with the number of acceptable absences to be determined by the Panel, at which time the Panel will seek interested Members.

Peter Beckett (Chair), Laurentian University

Katie Benkovich, Sudbury INO, a Glencore Company

Tony Fasciano

Vanessa Felix, KGHM

Enzo Floreani, Sudbury Master Gardeners

Jim Found

Marc Hébert, Collège Boréal

Wayne Hugli, Sudbury Horticultural Society

Jim Ilnitski

Carl Jorgensen, Conservation Sudbury

Bill Lautenbach

Tim Lehman, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Serena Maki, Blue Heron Environmental

Franco Mariotti

Tina McCaffrey, Supervisor Regreening Program

Stephen Monet, Manager of Environmental Planning 

John Negusanti

Mike Peters

Madhi Ramadoss, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Cheryl Recollet, Wahnapitae First Nation

Quentin Smith, Vale

Graeme Spiers, Laurentian University

Ben van Drunen, Hollandia Land & Environmental Solutions

Sarah Woods, Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Time Commitment

The VETAC – Regreening Advisory Panel will meet monthly, with sub-committee meetings scheduled as required.