Between 1978 and 2008, the "Greening of Sudbury" has seen 3,400 hectares limed and seeded, and over 8.9 million trees planted.  Other benefits accrued to the region from VETAC's activities include:

  • employment of over 4,400 students and unemployed individuals;
  • a unique partnership between all segments of the community: governmental, educational, industrial and community orgranizations, as well as private citizens interested in vegetation enhancement;
  • a new positive image of Sudbury;
  • innovative reclamation procedures and publications available for use by others attempting to solve problems encounterd in the revegetation of stressed lands;
  • international, national, and Ontario award recognition;
  • publication of numerous articles in the media and in scientific journals on various facets of the program;
  • attraction of visitors to Sudbury to inspect and learn from the "Program".