Healing the Landscape

Healing the Landscape

Using photos and personal accounts, this inspirational book celebrates Greater Sudbury's land reclamation story: an extraordinary account of environmental success and the community that achieved it.

This bilingual book is available at the Tom Davies Square Citizen Service Centre for $39.95 + HST.

Printing and Distribution
Lasting Benefits
Project Funding


"Healing the Landscape - Celebrating Sudbury's Reclamation Story" is a bilingual artistic photographic book initiated as a 'Millennium Project' by the VETAC Committee and endorsed by the former Regional Council. The book is a celebration of land reclamation achievements in the Sudbury area and the beginning of the new Millennium. The purpose of creating this keepsake was to illustrate the marriage of science and art in a compelling story of revegetation and restoration of the devastated Sudbury area and the community that achieved it.


The book will achieve its purpose through illustrating the following:

  • A landscape devastated and then transformed into a Canadian environmental success story, inspiring communities to improve their environment.
  • The rehabilitation of air, water and land, resulting in a positive image for a damaged ecosystem.
  • How environmental rehabilitation is creating a better, healthier environment for future generations.
  • A reclamation template for industrially damaged areas that creates and builds hope.
  • Urban renewal through the change, adaptability and progression of a community using photographs that demonstrate the beauty of a landscape in repair.
  • Special features of the region; geology, lakes, trees, wildlife and heritage.

Printing and Distribution

6,500 books were printed in full colour, high gloss, landscape format (11.5" by 10"). A portion of these books (3,500) were donated to libraries, schools and environmental organizations across Canada and the world. The remaining books were sold, generating profits which were donated to the Sudbury Community Foundation's Tree Fund, thereby furthering the regreening effort in the Sudbury community for the future. The Book Launch was held March 21, 2001 and the remainder of the books were sold out in November of 2003.

Lasting Benefits

  • All proceeds generated from this project were donated to the Sudbury Community Foundation for the Tree Fund, thereby furthering the regreening effort in the community.
  • An appreciation for the past, present and future of the environmental reclamation as well as respect for our healing landscape both in the Sudbury region and Canada.
  • The quality of the photography used in the book should stand alone in providing an example of what can be done to restore a damaged ecosystem both scientifically and inspirationally.
  • This book portrays and represents an image of the City of Greater Sudbury's environment.

Project Funding

This book was made possible through the financial contribution of the following:

Mature Forest

Millennium Bureau of Canada
Former Regional Municipality of Sudbury

Primary Forest

Domtar Inc.
Sudbury Regional Development Corporation
United Steelworkers of America

Secondary Forest

Sudbury earthdancers


A & G Upholstery and Decoration
A & J Home Hardware
Bearskin Airlines
Club Montessori
Ethier & Son Construction
Falconbridge Limited
George Lunan Foundation
Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce
Inco Limited
Laurentian University
Le Voyageur
Nickel District Conservation Authority
Northern Life
Regional Cablesystems
Retail Wholesale Department Store Union
Sudbury Master Gardeners
Sudbury Star


Mike Grandmaison Photo of Woodsy Scene in Worthington (Photograph by Mike Grandmaison)





Don JohnstonPhoto of Copper Cliff Landscape (Photograph by Don Johnston)