Greater Sudbury Food Strategy

Through the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council and its extensive community network, gaps in our knowledge and in the capacity of our local food system have been determined. A food strategy has been deemed a priority to help guide the community in our next steps towards an equitable, vibrant and sustainable food system. EarthCare Sudbury, the sustainability program housed within Planning Services of the City of Greater Sudbury, will be playing a role in the development of this strategy in partnership with several community organizations such as the Sudbury & District Health Unit and the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council, which includes resources members from the Greater Sudbury Social Planning Council, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Eat Local Sudbury and Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury.

What is a food strategy?  

A food strategy is a document that identifies short- and long-term actions to help enhance our current regional food system and prepare for growth and change in the future. Key elements will be social justice, environmental sustainability, healthy eating and economic and community growth. More specific topics within the food strategy will include growing, rearing or foraging for food, processing food, preparing food for consumption for households and food service industry, eating food and composting the remains. These topics correspond to the proposed changes in the chapter dealing with local food systems in the City’s Official Plan.

What is our Regional Food System?

As defined by the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council it is our geographic area including and beyond the City of Greater Sudbury that encompasses nearby agricultural lands and communities from which the citizens of Greater Sudbury derive a significant portion of their food, now or potentially in the future.”

Why now?

Over the past few years, our community has seen a tremendous growth in the interest and investment in our food system. Retailers and restaurants showcase local food options, large institutions incorporate local food in their procurement policies and sign bylaws are being evaluated to help facilitate efforts of local food producers. Furthermore, there are many more opportunities to learn food skills through several organizations and our youth are being exposed to community gardens, compost programs and/or free healthy food options through the school system.

We hope to develop a Greater Sudbury Food Strategy and to continue to engage with the community to work towards an economically viable and ecologically sustainable food system that provides residents with accessible, affordable, nutritious and culturally acceptable food. 

What is next?

What can Greater Sudbury do to help people eat healthier, fresher and more local? What are some challenges for farmers, food banks, restaurants, dieticians and foodies?  

Help us develop a Food Strategy that will identify actions to grow and develop our food industry. Email EarthCare Sudbury with your suggestions or fill out this easy online survey.

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