Greater Sudbury has over 450 hectares (1100 acres) of agricultural land, over 140 farms, more than ten food banks, and manages over 2500 tonnes of organic waste each year at the City’s facilities. The topic of food involves more than just what’s on our plate. Roads and air quality are affected by food through our personal trips to the store and the large transport trucks moving food from city to city. Water is affected by food through irrigation systems, washing our food and washing dishes. There is a lot of energy associated with food from farming equipment, refrigeration and processing. Large volumes of solid waste produced by food can be diverted from the landfill through composting. Understanding our local food system is an important process that we are beginning to piece together. Let’s join the global dialogue on food. Browse our site to find ways to find, grow, prepare and recycle food.

Don’t forget to check out the EarthCare Sudbury Local Action Plan to read more on this topic.

1. Find Food
2. Grow Food
3. Prepare Food
4. Compost Food

Local Action Plan: Food (PDF 709 KB)