EarthCare Sudbury Action Plan 2010

Since 2000 EarthCare Sudbury has been forging a course for local environmental action on behalf of the Greater Sudbury community.

With the release of the EarthCare Sudbury Local Action Plan in 2003, Greater Sudbury became one of only a few Canadian communities that had formally committed to becoming more sustainable.

This update to the EarthCare Sudbury Local Action Plan, developed in consultation with the EarthCare Sudbury Partners, represents a renewal of that commitment.

Download the complete document in PDF format (6.47 MB).

Table of Contents

  1. Action Planning Overview (PDF 158.04 KB)
    Message from the EarthCare Sudbury Co-Chairs
    EarthCare Sudbury Advisory Panel
    Message from the Mayor
  2. The EarthCare Sudbury Action Plan and Greater Sudbury's Healthy Community Initiative (PDF 110.26 KB)
  3. Air Quality (PDF 635.03 KB)
  4. Energy (PDF 682.62 KB)
  5. Food (PDF 742.50 KB)
  6. Green Buildings (PDF 578.25 KB)
  7. Land Use Planning (PDF 522.10 KB)
  8. Natural Environment (PDF 776.02 KB)
  9. Solid Waste (PDF 626.72 KB)
  10. Transportation (PDF 747.81 KB)
  11. Water/Wastewater (PDF 1.08 MB)
  12. Youth and the Environment (PDF 283.04 KB)