Citizen Ecological Surveys

Project FeederWatch

BirdThe 28th season of Project FeederWatch begins on November 8! Please join the team of thousands of volunteers across North America, and turn your bird feeding hobby into research for bird conservation. Your counts will help scientists monitor changes in winter feeder-bird populations. You can also explore maps and charts online to see what others are reporting during the count. 

Get Involved in Greater Sudbury's Biodiversity Action Plan

By participating in any of the programs below you will help track Greater Sudbury's ecological health. Skill levels required vary but there's something for everyone.

You can participate in our local Whip-poor-will survey.

In collaboration with Junction Creek Stewardship Committee you can participate in the Greater Sudbury FrogFind.

In collaboration with the Toronto Zoo you can participate in:

In collaboration with Bird Studies Canada you can participate in:

In collaboration with NatureWatch you can participate in:

In collaboration with The Center for Conservation Biology you can participate in:

Consider joining or volunteering with one of the local biodiversity-related groups in Greater Sudbury:

Or you can view the local environmental events calendar.