Ontario Works

Who are we?
The Social Services Division provides a variety of programs and services to help eligible residents of the City of Greater Sudbury find the shortest route to employment. By following the requirements of the Ontario Works Act, staff ensures that financial assistance is provided for short-term support. Staff also ensure that employment focused activities are provided to enable the Participant to re-enter the workforce. Staff works in partnership with various community agencies to ensure that Participants within the program are provided with the best quality of service.

Financial assistance that is provided may include:

  • funds to cover food and shelter
  • a monthly drug card to cover the cost of prescribed medications
  • dental care for children, medical transportation and diabetic supplies
  • Employment Focused Activities as described within the Ontario Works Act

The three components are:

Employment Supports which are activities that assist Participants in finding employment. This includes training or skill development, academic upgrading, independent job searches and Literacy training. Other assistance is provided through the Employment Supports Service Section.

Community Participation allows Participants to volunteer with non-profit and public organizations. Volunteering allows development of skills, experience and an opportunity to establish contacts within the community. Participants who choose to complete a Community Participation placement can volunteer up to 70 hours per month, up to six months.

Employment Placements allows a Participant who is considered to be job ready an opportunity to fine tune his or her employment skills. Job Placement Agencies match the skills of the Participant with the needs of an Employer. Employment Placement options may include self-employment opportunities. Those Participants who provide a viable self-employment plan are teamed up with a community partner to assist them in the implementation process.

Who can Apply?
Any person who is a resident in the Province of Ontario has the right to apply for assistance. Not all persons who apply qualify. Eligibility is based on program criteria which is covered by legislation.

How to Apply
A resident within the City of Greater Sudbury who feels that he or she might require financial assistance must call 705-675-2411 to apply.

What to expect when you call
Be prepared to spend upwards of 40 minutes on the telephone. The Intake Screener will be asking a series of questions to determine eligibility. Based on the answers to those questions, the caller will be advised as to his or her potential eligibility. The Intake Screener will book a Verification Interview at the local Ontario Works Office. The Intake Screener will advise the caller of what documentation he or she will be required to take to the Verification Interview.

Verification Interview
The Ontario Works Sudbury office is located on the 9th floor at 199 Larch Street, Sudbury.The Ontario Works Sudbury office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Verification Interviews are scheduled for either 9:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. Based on the answers to the questions asked by the Intake Screener, the caller will be asked to bring proper documentation to the Verification Interview. Expect to be asked to bring in proof that you:

  • were born in Canada or are a Canadian Citizen
  • Social Insurance Card
  • have applied for all other sources of income
  • are a resident of the City of Greater Sudbury,
  • along with many other documents.

The Verification Interview will require that all persons applying for assistance are present. That means that if you are in a spousal relationship (Married or Common Law) both persons will be required to attend. Any dependant over the age of 18 who resides in the home will also be required to attend.