Homelessness Response

Support for people experiencing homelessness

If a person experiencing homelessness would like to apply for Ontario Works, please contact Cindy Junkala at 705-674-4455, ext 3865 or by email at cindy.junkala@greatersudbury.ca.

To reach the Homelessness Network, clients can call intake workers Carole at 705-280-7888 or Dawn at 705-673-9576. They can work with individuals and families to either get a housing case manager or housing resources. People living outside/on the street will get priority for case management, if they choose to do so.

For individuals who would like help/info from CMHA, they can call 705-675-7252. They can request to speak with someone who can outline all the services they offer, including brief services, housing services, case management services.

There are many other agencies that are providing support for vulnerable citizens. Many of those agencies can be found here.

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