COVID-19: Child Care for Health Care and Frontline Staff

The City of Greater Sudbury is authorized by the Province of Ontario to provide emergency child care for children of health care and frontline staff.

Emergency Child Care is funded by the Province and will be available at no cost to families, for children 12 months to under 13 years. Services will operate Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Centres are located in community-based licensed child care facilities operated by not-for-profit organizations. The service will be provided in English, but every effort will be made to have bilingual (English/French) staff available.

Current Emergency Child Care Locations

The following centres are available for emergency child care:

Operating Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Walden Daycare Centre, 515 Niemi Rd, Lively
Serving ages 12 months - 4 years

Walden Day Care School Age site, 325 Anderson Drive, Lively
Serving Ages 4 - under 13 years

Jubilee Heritage Family Resources, 189 Applegrove St., Sudbury
Serving Ages 18 months - under 13 years 


Emergency child care services are reserved exclusively for children of health care and frontline staff who have no other alternatives for child care. The safest option for your family is to have children remain at home if at all possible. If there is another adult in the home who is able to care for the children (even if they are working from home), families will not be eligible for Emergency Child Care. Only workers who are required to report to an official work location to deliver the service, without the ability to work from home, will be eligible.

Emergency Child Care is reserved exclusively for children of health care and frontline staff identified by the Province of Ontario. Read about eligibility on the Province of Ontario's web page: Child care for health care and frontline staff

Schedule A of Ontario Regulation 51/20 gives more detail and legal descriptions of the positions that have been deemed eligible for Emergency Child Care.

In addition, essential staff required to report to an official work location to deliver core community services as deemed essential by the municipality will be eligible to apply.

The City reserves the right to ask for verification as proof of eligibility.

Child care is available to City of Greater Sudbury residents, and those who live outside Greater Sudbury but work in the city as an eligible worker as defined by the Province of Ontario.

Determining Priority Access for Emergency Child Care

Phase 1 of the Emergency Child Care Plan, launching April 6, 2020, will begin with application screening, followed by child placements by City of Greater Sudbury Children Services. This phase will be committed to eligible families at Health Sciences North and the broader health care community in order to meet the needs of the community during this pandemic.

Phase 2 will follow, with applications being screened from remaining eligible families from services deemed essential as listed above. Care will be offered to eligible families as it becomes available, on a "first applied, first served" basis. City’s Children Services staff will contact applicants if space is available.

Please note that the number of spaces that can be opened will be limited by staff capacity, and health and safety issues, and that, unfortunately, the system may not be able to meet the needs of all eligible families.

If the level of demand exceeds the ability to provide care, the City will prioritize child care space for front-line health care workers and first responders. If required, the City will work closely with our provincial and community partners to determine how this service may be expanded.

Upon being notified that a spot is available at one of the emergency child care centres, families will have 24 hours to accept or decline the spot, after which time your child care space may be offered to the next eligible family. 

Special Needs

We are committed to supporting the full participation of all children in our early learning and child care programs. 

At times, a child may require additional supports over and above our Early Childhood practices and curriculum.

In some instances, this may require the consultation and support of our community partners from Child & Community Resources (CCR). Working with a trained Consultant, CCR will develop an individualized plan for your child which does require some additional resources to be in place prior to a start date. Our goal is to ensure that all children experience a safe and engaging learning environment.  


Emergency child care services are reserved exclusively for children of health care and frontline staff who have no other child care alternatives. Please complete the online application to apply for emergency child care. After you apply, you will be contacted by Greater Sudbury Children Services’ staff if more information is required, and when a space is available for your family.

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Health and Safety of Child Care Staff and Families

Because physical distancing is difficult when caring for young children, additional measures will be taken, in consultation with Public Health Sudbury & Districts to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Precautions include:
•    daily screening of children and staff
•    increased disinfection
•    reduced group sizes
•    limiting the number of people in the centre


For more detailed information on groupings and health and safety measures, please review the City of Greater Sudbury Emergency Child Care Plan (PDF).

COVID-19: Who to Contact?

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