EarlyON Child and Family Centres

EarlyON Child and Family Centres (EarlyON Centres), formerly known as Best Start Hubs, are free family centres located in schools and community centres throughout Greater Sudbury. They offer children and their families a place to socialize, play, gain a better understanding of early learning and access support services if necessary.

There are 15 centres serving Greater Sudbury, as well as many outreach sites:

  • Ten provide services in English
  • Four provide services in French
  • One Aboriginal centre

Each EarlyON Centre is operated by one of five local, non-profit community organizations.  EarlyON Centres are funded, fully or in part, by the City of Greater Sudbury with funding provided by the Ministry of Education. Each EarlyON Centre provides different services to respond to neighbourhood needs.

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Programs and Activities

EarlyON Centres are set up much like preschool play rooms. There are a variety of learning centres, toys, equipment and activities to appeal to every level of child development.

During playgroup or drop-in times children are free to participate in whichever activities they choose. There may be some time set aside for the adults and children to participate in staff-run activities.

You may stay for the entire playgroup, or come and go as you wish. EarlyON Centres also offer more structured programs which sometimes require advance sign up. You can find all EarlyON Centres upcoming events and activities, on the community calendar at  www.sudburyfamilies.ca/calendar .


Staff has early childhood education and social service backgrounds.  They provide programming as well as answer questions about child development, community services and parenting. Many staff members are Registered Early Childhood Educators who are qualified to assess your child’s general development and help you access additional services as needed. 

Quality and Standards

The Ministry of Education has set guidelines to ensure high standards of safety and quality for Early Years programs. EarlyONs are responsible for delivering programs that meet the following common core services and standards.

Support early years by:

  • creating environments and experiences that engage children in active, creative and meaningful exploration and play,
  • supporting relationships and connections that give a sense of belonging between children and adults and the world around them,
  • promoting healthy child development and supporting family well being,
  • creating a setting where children and families can express themselves freely in words and actions.

Engage parents and caregivers by:

  • sharing information and promoting awareness of child development, parenting, nutrition and play,
  • discussion and parent education.

Make connections for families by:

  • responding to concerns,
  • connecting them to specialized services.

Each EarlyON Centre program takes part in the City of Greater Sudbury Children Services’ Consultative Quality Improvement (CQI) program which works to enhance quality in our OEYCFC programs.  This includes variety of professional learning opportunities and regular on-site consultations.

All EarlyON Centre programs are guided by How Does Learning Happen: Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years in the development of their programs for children and families.