Required Documentation for Subsidy Appointment

Listed below is the documentation you will need to provide during your subsidy appointment. If you have questions about any of the documentation required, contact us at 705-674-4455 ext 4279.

Verification of residence, citizenship status and custody

Proof of citizenship status and residence in Greater Sudbury such as:

  • Immigration or visa paperwork if applicable and,
  • Greater Sudbury address.

Confirmation of custody and support arrangements for children who need child care (court order or other agreement or affidavit) for single, separated and divorced parents and blended families.

Verification of Family Income

Provide one of the following to determine the family contribution for child care:

Notice of Assessment (NOA)

  • The most recent Federal Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency for both parents/guardians (or the lone parent/guardian). The family contribution for subsidy is based on Line 236 (Net Income) of this document.  See a sample of the Notice of Assessment. In order to be eligible for child care subsidy, each parent must complete an income tax return every year.


Canada Child Benefit and Ontario Child Benefit Notice

  • This notice is mailed out in July each year. If your marital status has not changed, the Canada Child Benefit and Ontario Child Benefit Notice may be used instead of the Notice of Assessment.

Verification of need for child care

Provide one of the following to determine the amount and schedule of child care that can be approved:

  • Letter from employer: letter must state your hours and days of work, dated within the last month (for each parent/guardian).
  • School Registration:  If one or both parents are going to school, a copy of the school registration and school schedule are required.
  • Medical, social or special needs referral: If your child requires child care because of a parent's medical situation, a family crisis, or a child's special need, a completed referral form (available from the Children's Services office) must be provided.