Lost and Found

Responsible Pet Owners Know What to Do if Their Dog or Cat is Lost

If you have lost a pet, it is important that you alert as many people as possible.

Visit the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter Facebook to post a lost pet notice

See Found Pets at Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter

See Adoptable Cats Waiting for a Forever Home

See Adoptable Dogs Waiting for a Forever Home

If you do not have a Facebook account, but you would like your lost or found posting to appear on the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter Facebook, please email a photo of your lost pet or the pet you have found, your personal contact information, and any information that may help locate or identify the dog or cat to cgs.shelter@greatersudbury.ca

Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter staff would be pleased to post the information on your behalf.

What to do

If you do lose your pet or find a pet, there are a number of things you can do right away:

  • If you have lost your pet, search around your home and neighbourhood. Speak to friends and neighbours and ask them to check under porches and stairs
  • If you have found a pet, check with neighbours to see if they are missing a cat or dog
  • Call Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter at 705-694-PETS (7387) or email cgs.shelter@greatersudbury.ca to file a lost or found pet report. Provide a description of the pet, pet tag number and microchip number if applicable
  • If a found pet is wearing a City of Greater Sudbury tag, staff will work with you and the pet owner to reunite them with their cat or dog.
  • Post the pet’s photo around your neighbourhood, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in pet stores and veterinary clinics
  • Local pet rescue groups can help. Search on Facebook: greater sudbury area lost & found pets
  • Once the pet is found, contact Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter so your “lost” or “found” posting can be deleted. Please remember to remove posters from your neighbourhood

Deceased animals

Deceased animals are checked for a microchip and/or pet tag for comparison against lost pet reports. Staff will make every effort to contact the owner.

Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter will regularly update a list of unidentified deceased animals recovered from municipal roads. As difficult as it may be, locations and descriptions may help you identify a lost pet.