Green Space - Final Report and Maps

Green Space Advisory Panel (GSAP) Final Report and Maps:


Interim Green Space Advisory Panel Report - November 2013 (2.5 mb pdf)

Final Report of the Green Space Advisory Panel - June 2010 (4.6 mb, pdf)

Included in the Final Report is additional background information related to the work of the GSAP.  This includes a list of GSAP members, summary of public input, green space classification system, park management, a list of existing parks, a list of private and City owned green space opportunities, the rating system utilized by the Advisory Panel to rank private and City owned green space opportunities, and a park land disposal policy.


The GSAP has identified existing and potential green space sites across the City.  The following maps illustrate:

Existing Parks which are City owned green space lands including Municipal Parks, Playgrounds and Tot Lots. This category also includes other city owned lands, Crown lands, School Board and Conservation Authority properties which have serve green space functions.

Opportunities which are privately and publicly owned sites which the Advisory Panel has identified as having green space potential.

Highlighted properties on the maps are each identified by a unique number ID label.  The reader should refer to Appendix E, F & G in the Final Report to obtain more information about each numbered site.

Ward 1 (1.3 MB)

Ward 2 Maps 1 to 4 (3 MB)

Ward 3 Maps 1 and 2 (4.0 MB)

Ward 4 Maps 1 and 2 (1.9 MB)

Ward 5 (1.5 MB)

Ward 6 Maps 1 and 2 (2.9 MB)

Ward 7 Maps 1 to 5 (5.9 MB)

Ward 8 (0.7 MB)

Ward 9 Maps 1 and 2 (2.7 MB)

Ward 10 (1.5 MB)

Ward 11 (1.5 MB)

Ward 12 (1.2 MB)