Application Forms

Welcome to the Department of Growth & Development's Online Application Section. We have made many of our application forms available online for your convenience. You may download the forms, review them and have all relevant information ready when you file your application with our staff at Tom Davies Square.

Click on the relevant file below to download.
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Pre-Application Consultation (pdf, 0.1 MB)
Application Fees (pdf, 0.2 MB)
•    Amendment – 2018-12 (Schedule “E”) (pdf, 1 MB)
Cost Sharing Agreement Application (pdf, 0.4 MB)
Consent Application (pdf, 0.7 MB)

    More information on the consent process

Front-Ending Agreement Application (pdf, 0.5MB)
Minor Variance (pdf, 0.7 MB)

    More information on the minor variance process

Official Plan Amendment (pdf, 0.2 MB)
Rezoning (pdf, 0.6 MB)
Sign Variance (pdf, 0.2 MB)
Site Plan Control Agreement Application (pdf, 0.2 MB)
Site Plan Control Guide (Including Appendices A - F) (pdf, 0.8 MB). For ease of reference, Appendices A - F are listed separately below:

    Appendix A - Site Plan Contacts & Roles (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    Appendix B - Site Plan Control Process (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    Appendix C - Sample Site Plan Control Agreement (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    Appendix D - Submission (Drafting and Design) Details for Site Plan Applications (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    Appendix E - Site Plan Certification Requirements (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    Appendix F - Subdivision and Off-Site Servicing Certification Requirements (pdf, 0.1 MB)
    More information on the site plan control process.

Subdivision/Condominium Application (pdf, 0.2 MB)
Validation of Title (pdf, 0.3 MB)

Restricted Land Use Review - Application for Section 59 Notice under the Clean Water Act, 2006 (pdf, 0.2 MB)

    More information on the Greater Sudbury Source Protection Plan and Section 59 Notice process

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