Community Profiles

Community Profiles

These 32 Community Profiles were developed as part of the Healthy Community Initiative Strategy to identify assets and gaps related to the social determinants of health and community inclusiveness in different areas of the City of Greater Sudbury.

This will enable better monitoring of trends over time, in order to allocate funds more efficiently based on the individual needs of each community.

The Community Profiles are based on Statistics Canada and City of Greater Sudbury data and are available to print and view. They will be updated as new information becomes available and contain a variety of information and maps on different areas of the City, including: location, population, households, languages, labour force, education, income, and other healthy community themes.

Please note: The Overview section of each Community Profile is available in French. Only profiles with a high percentage of francophone population have been fully translated (Azilda, Blezard Valley, Chelmsford, Rayside Balfour.) 

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