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Tenders posted on the City’s site prior to the move to bids&tenders will continue to be submitted through the current process.

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Tenders and Request for Proposals

Contract ENG18-37, Tender for the Kingsway Entertainment District Site Grading.

Final Award

Please be advised that the above mentioned Contract has been awarded to BOT Engineering & Construction Ltd.,  for a total cost of $8,498,000.00 (excl. HST), this being the lowest bidder meeting our requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding this decision, please contact LyAnne Chenier, Coordinator of Roads & Transportation Admin at 705-674-4455 ext.2370.

The City of Greater Sudbury shall not be bound contractually or otherwise to any bidder by reason of the publication of these results, but a Contract shall come into being only as provided in the Instructions to Bidders and other Contract documents. In some cases, the acceptance of a Tender and award of a Contract may require the approval of City Council and, accordingly, no Bid may be accepted until such approval is obtained. The following Tender Opening Committee Minutes states the amount bid and is subject to further verification. This is provided for information purposes only, prior to confirmation by City staff that the Bids have met the Request for Tender requirements. Therefore, the lowest Bid appearing in these Minutes may not necessarily be awarded the Contract.



Committee Room C-13A
1st  Floor, Tom Davies Square

Commencement: 2:30 p.m.
Adjournment: 2:55 p.m.

A.Beck A/Chief Procurement Officer In The Chair

Present: L. Chenier, Roads and Transportation; T. Gunn, Secretary to the Chief Procurement Officer

Contract ENG18-37, Tender for the Kingsway Entertainment District site Grading

Tenders for Contract ENG18-37, for the Kingsway Entertainment District Site Grading were received from the following bidders:

Bidder                                                                       Total Bid Price (excl. HST)
Garson Pipe Contractors Limited                                 $10,864,651.95
Denis Gratton Construction Ltd.                                   $10,432,191.20
Pioneer Construction Inc.                                             $9,542,173.65
R.M. Belanger Limited                                                  $12,436,230.00
BOT Engineering & Construction Ltd.                          $8,498,000.00
Teranorth Construction & Engineering Limited            $9,479,820.00
William Day Construction Limited                                $9,904,035.80

The foregoing Tenders were turned over to the A/Chief Procurement Officer for Review


All Tenders and Request for Proposals are to be dropped off at the
Purchasing Section at Tom Davies Square, 2nd Floor
For more general information, contact the department at:
705-674-4455 Extension 2497 or 2501 or
email tenders@greatersudbury.ca