City of Greater Sudbury Strategic Plans

Strategic planning in the City of Greater Sudbury is a valuable tool for performance measurement with a focus on who the municipality serves, what the municipality does and why, in both the immediate and long-term. Strategic planning can help define where the city is going and evaluate outcomes for success.

Performance measurement corresponds to the “open doors” theme of Open Government in the City of Greater Sudbury. “Open doors” requires measures or plans for accountability and oversight of government actions.

Strategic planning is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, establish common goals for employees and elected officials, achieve agreement on intended outcomes, and assess and adjust operations in response to a changing environment.

The following strategic plans for the City of Greater Sudbury will be updated as they become available.

As per the City’s French Language Service Policy, a strategic plan is considered an official document that is produced in English only. Citizens who require French-language service in this matter may contact the City’s Corporate Communications and French Language Services division. Dial 3-1-1 or email.

Strategic plans posted as a PDF on this website may not be accessible to all citizens with a disability. The City of Greater Sudbury will provide alternate accessible formats on request, free of charge. Please dial 3-1-1 or email for assistance.

2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan

Corporate Strategic Plan - Implementation Plan


City of Greater Sudbury Official Plan

Finance Strategic Plan

Healthy Community Strategic Plan

Roads 10 Year Financial Plan

Water/Wastewater 10 Year Financial Plan

2013 - 2015
Water and Wastewater Tactical Plan

Leisure Master Plan Review



Heritage Museum


Cultural Plan    2015-2020

Downtown Master Plan

Greater Sudbury Tourism Strategic Plan

Biodiversity Strategic Plan

Emergency Services Strategic Plan

Emergency Services Tactical Plan

Social Services


Pioneer Manor

Children Services


Strategic Communication

Economic Development 

Strategic Parking Plan