Phase 1 OP Draft

Click on the links below to view the Phase 1 OP Review draft documents.

The full draft Official Plan March 2017

Click here to view the draft amendment number 82 to the Official Plan for the City of Greater Sudbury


Schedule 1a - Land Use Overview (4 MB pdf)

Schedule 1b - Land Use -Sudbury Community (2.1 MB pdf)

Schedule 1c - Land Use - Community Insets (2.2 MB pdf)

Schedule 2a - Site and Area Specific Policies (2.6 MB pdf)

Schedule 2b - South End Natural Assets (1 MB pdf)

Schedule 3 - Settlement and Built Boundary (4 MB pdf)

Schedule 4a - Drinking Water Source Protection (2 MB pdf)

Schedule 4b - Drinking Water Source Protection - Insets (1.4 MB pdf)

Schedule 5 - Natural Heritage (6.7 MB pdf)

Schedule 6 - Hazard Lands (2.4 MB pdf)

Appendix A - Site Specific Amendments (4.1 MB pdf) 

Public Comments:

Public Submissions (29.5 MB pdf)

Public Submissions Spreadsheet(48 KB pdf)

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Comments (501 KB pdf)

Summary of proposed changes to Schedules (84 KB pdf)