Part III First Appearance Summons

All Part III First Appearance Matters will be heard remotely via ZOOM. Do not attend Court in person. 

If you received a Part III Summons, you will be required to have your matter heard by a Justice of the Peace on the date and time indicated on your Summons to Appear.

Please use the following information to appear for your virtual court appearance on the date and time indicated on your notice:

Online:, Meeting ID: 922 6095 5707 Passcode: 566388.

Telephone: Toll Free: 1-855-703-8985, Meeting ID: 922 6095 5707 Participant ID: 566388. 

When it is possible to do so it is preferred that defendants appear for their court appearance via video. If you are having audio difficulties while appearing via video you may call in to the audio portion using the above teleconference information.

It is important that you keep the Summons to appear on hand as it contains important information regarding your court date. If you lose the Summons please contact the Provincial Offences Office immediately.

Within seven (7) days prior to the date and time indicated on your Notice, a Crown / Prosecutor will be available to discuss your matter with you.

Please click here for the Crown / Prosecutor contact information. 

What happens if I do not call in on my court date?

If you do not call into the courtroom proceeding on the date indicated on your Summons, there may be a trial held in your absence and a conviction may be entered against you, which can result in a fine, driver’s licence suspension, and/or incarceration.