What do I do If I Have Court Date?

Provincial Offences Court 

The City of Greater Sudbury Provincial Offences Court is located on the main floor of Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street in room C-11.

At present and as per the Orders of the Chief Justice of Ontario/Ontario Court of Justice, all matters are being heard remotely via ZOOM. 

Please use the following information to appear for your virtual court appearance on the date and time indicated on your notice:

Online: www.zoom.us, Meeting ID: 922 6095 5707 Passcode: 566388.

Telephone: Toll Free: 1-855-703-8985, Meeting ID: 922 6095 5707 Participant ID: 566388. 

When it is possible to do so it is preferred that defendants appear for their court appearance via video. If you are having audio difficulties while appearing via video you may call in to the audio portion using the above teleconference information.

If you or your representative are unable to use ZOOM or would like to request a disability-related accommodation or assistance please contact the Provincial Offences Office, in person, via telephone at 705-674-4455 ext. 2299 or by email at poacourt@greatersudbury.ca

Information for Members of the Public and Media 

What do I do if I have a Court Date?

If you are required to appear before a Justice of the Peace to have your matter dealt with, you will receive a Notice advising you of the date and time that your matter will be heard. 

You will also be provided with information for accessing ZOOM to appear before the court and contact information for the Crown or Prosecutors to discuss your matter should you wish to do so before your court date.

Click on the heading below that corresponds to your matter for information regarding the court process.

  1. Early Resolution Meeting 
  2. Part III First Appearance Summons
  3. Trial