Summons to Defendant (Part III)

Summons to Defendants are issued for more serious offences such as failing to remain at the scene of an accident, stunt driving, driving while under suspension, driving without insurance. 

If you receive a Summons to Defendant you MUST appear in court on the date that is indicated on the summons.

Click here to view a sample Summons to Defendant.

It is important that you keep the Summons to Defendant on hand as it contains important information regarding your court date. If you lose the summons please contact the Provincial Offences Office immediately. 

What happens if I do not attend my court date?

If you do not attend court on the date indicated on your summons, there may be a trial held in your absence and a conviction may be entered against you, which can result in a fine, driver’s licence suspension, and/or incarceration.