Unpaid and Defaulted Fines

If you have been convicted of an offence and are required to pay a fine because of the conviction you will receive a Notice of Fine and Due Date. 

The Notice of Fine and Due Date provides you with information about the fine amount that you are required to pay and final deadline for paying your fine before your fines goes into default. 

If you cannot pay your fine(s) by the due date and your fine has not gone into default you can apply to a Justice of the Peace for an Extension of Time to Pay your fine(s). If granted, you will be required to comply with the Justice of the Peace's Order. The order may be to make payments on your fine in monthly installments or a new due date for the full payment of the fine. 

For more information on obtaining an extension of time to pay your fine(s) if your fine has not gone into default and you wish to obtain an extension of time to pay your fines please contact the POA office

If you have not paid your fine by the due date indicated on your Notice of Fine and Due Date, you are now in default and a $40.00 default fee has been added to your fine. You may also face additional serious legal consequences such as: 

  • Loss of your driver's licence for unpaid fine, and a licence reinstatement fee with the Ministry of Transportation.
  • An order for your employer to garnish your wages.
  • Adding the unpaid fine to a municipal tax roll (municipal property tax bill).
  • Property seizure by enforcement officials.
  • Registration of a lien (possession of your property until the debt is payed).
  • An order for your bank to remove the owed funds from your account.
  • A freeze on renewing your licence plate sticker.
  • Downgrading of your credit score by Credit Bureaus.
  • Formal collection proceedings via Private Collection Agency.
  • Additional fees, costs and surcharges.