Entering Exhibits and Sharing Documents in Court (Trials Only)

Please be advised that this process is used for trials only. The email address provided below is to be used only for those parties involved in a trial.

With the move to the ZOOM platform planning ahead is key. If you are able to you may also send your document in advance of the court day to poa.exhibits@greatersudbury.ca.

All documents should be submitted no later than 5 business days before trial.

In the subject line of the email, please include the defendant's last name, the word "Trial" and the trial date Ex. "John Smith, Trial November 5, 2021". Please ensure that all attachments and documents are named properly so that the Clerk can easily identify which document needs to be displayed Ex. "Photo #1 - Intersection of Main Street and First Avenue".

When it comes time for the document to be displayed during the court proceeding, please let the Court Clerk know which document(s) to display.

Should you be unable to send your document(s) via email prior to the court date please contact the POA office and speak to the Court Clerk/Monitor in order to make alternate arrangements.

If you are not able to send the exhibit or document that you wish to have entered into the record in advance of the trial you are able to do so during the proceeding by sharing your screen.

Before sharing your screen have the document ready to present by opening it up on your desktop.

When it comes time for you to share your document you will click on the “Share Screen” icon and from there you will select the document that you would like to display to the court.

image of how to share screen on ZOOM
When you have finished sharing your document you will then click on “Stop Sharing”.

image of how to stop sharing screen on ZOOM

If the document that you have presented is accepted as an exhibit you must then email the document to poa.exhibits@greatersudbury.ca

Documents are not considered to be exhibits until they are received by the court. All documents sent in advance of a trial will not be shared in any format prior to the commencement of the trial and will only be displayed at the request of the individual who provided them to the court office.