myJOBS is here!

As part of the Human Capital Management Plan (HCMP), the City of Greater Sudbury has launched myJOBSmyJOBS is an online talent acquisition management system.

myJOBS will replace the current application process of emailing cover letters and resumes and allow applicants to answer job-related questions and submit their cover letter and resume.

If you have any questions about myJOBS, please contact Shannon Boyce, Innovation Pillar Lead:
705-674-4455 extension 4203
Teams: Shannon Boyce

Training is here

Sign up for live virtual training at: Training is available for applicants and for hiring managers.

If you would like to set up a training session for your division or section, please contact to set up a date/time.

myJOBS Resources


Hiring Managers:

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Applicant Training

This training is intended for all employees, including those with direct reports, and will teach employees how to use the myJOBS portal to apply for a job posting.

Employees will learn how to:

  1. Access the myJOBS portal
  2. Search and view job postings
  3. Apply for a job
  4. Review their application
  5. Accept an offer of employment


Hiring Manager, Hiring Manager Assistant and Approver Training

This training is intended for:

  • Hiring Managers - this would be any employees with direct reports that are responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff.
  • Hiring Manager Assistants - this would be any administrative staff that assists the Hiring Managers with various pieces of the recruitment process. For example, they prepare the requisition form or prepare offer letters.
  • Approvers - this would be all Managers, Directors, General Managers and CAO.

In this training you will learn how to:

  1. Create and submit a job opening (previously known as the Employee Requisition Form)
  2. Approve a job opening and review the status of the approval process
  3. Review applicants for the job posting
  4. Invite applicants for interviews
  5. Make a job offer

Phased Roll Out Plan

Phase Date Job Affiliation
Phase 1 February 27, 2023 Non Union Job Postings
Phase 2 March 13, 2023 Recruitment Pool Job Postings
Phase 3 March 27, 2023 Inside Unit Job Postings
Phase 4 April 11, 2023 Outside Unit Job Postings
Housing Unit Job Postings
Phase 5 May 1, 2023 ONA Job Postings
CUPE 148 Job Postings
Phase 6 May 15, 2023 SPFFA Job Postings
CLAC Job Postings

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What do I need to know?
A. myJOBS in the City of Greater Sudbury's new online recruitment platform. By the end of 2023, myJOBS will be the primary way to apply for a job with the City.

Q. What can myJOBS do for me?
A. Currently, applicants are responsible for making sure their application reflects their qualifications, skills and experience in detail. With myJOBS, applicants will answer specific questions through user-friendly software which will improve the quality of their application.

Q. What is this happening?
A. myJOBS will launch in six phases beginning at the end of February with all jobs being available in the portal by the end of May.

Q. Will there be training support for me?
A. Yes! There will be a complete training plan rolled out on this page in January 2023. Staff can expect:
- Live training for myJOBS
- Learning modules at your fingertips
- Dedicated training for deskless staff

Q. Why are we making this change?
A. myJOBS improves the applicant experience and simplifies hiring by automating the shortlisting process for hiring managers which shortens the time it takes to hire an employee. Shortening the recruitment timeline will improve our ability to find and attract the best talent to deliver municipal services.

Q. Is there anything I can do ahead of the myJOBS launch to better prepare?
A. Yes! myJOBS will exist in the myHR Toolbox. Please make sure you are able to log in to Instructions to access the myHR Toolbox can be found at myHR: one-stop for all things HR - CityLinks (