Request proclamations, messages and certificates

Note:  Requests must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the required date to be considered.


A proclamation is a formal document that dedicates a day, week or month to honour a special event, cause or purpose. Proclamations may be requested by Greater Sudbury-based organizations and are intended to recognize initiatives or events that directly impact the community, including:

  • Civic initiatives and campaigns
  • Charitable or community initiatives
  • Health and public service initiatives
  • Multicultural awareness initiatives or events

The Mayor’s Office may deny requests that are mainly personal, private, partisan, polarizing or commercial in nature. Some requests that do not meet the criteria for a proclamation may instead be considered for a congratulatory certificate.

Mayor's Messages

Mayor's messages are short greetings of about four paragraphs usually written for publication in programs or booklets by organizers of community events or conferences. They are signed by the Mayor and can include his picture if requested.

Certificates of Congratulations

Certificates of congratulations are custom certificates to recognize special events and achievement in the community. Certificates are often presented to people and organizations on reaching a significant milestone in their life or history. The Mayor issues congratulatory certificates to residents of Greater Sudbury who are celebrating their 80th birthday or greater, and who are marking their 50th wedding anniversary or greater, certificates to athletes and to businesses on official openings.

Proclamation, Certificate or Message Request